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Ayoze Pérez, the hidden treasure for Spain

Ayoze Pérez did not surprise in his match against Andorra, but presented his Euro credentials by scoring and assisting. Ayoze is a different kind of offensive player, a surprise profile, a finisher and a good identifier of chances close to the penalty area. After his return from Newcastle in the Premier League to Real Betis in La Liga, he has proven to be a highly skilled left winger with very good technical, tactical and physical conditions. He has scored 9 goals in the current season and has made it into Luis de la Fuente's pre-list.

During the first match of the Spanish National Team in preparation for Euro 2024, it has been observed all the ingredients that Ayoze can bring to the Spanish sophisticated recipe. He took advantage of the spaces at centre-back and full-back, was well positioned in the final third and read the moments well to get into the box and create danger. The Real Betis player has been one of the best wingers in La Liga EA Sports, scoring 21% of the goals for Real Betis and being in the starting eleven 76% of the time for them this season.

Ayoze is a deep, aggressive and very persistent winger, but he does not excel in dribbling or technical finesse. He is a winger who tends to understand the game from an attacking point of view and, for this reason, it is not surprising that he occupies the box to receive and finish an average of 12 times per game. He identifies the opposition's weaknesses and their concerns. A fundamental issue in close games in a short competition such as the European Championship.

In addition, he is a winger with the ability to adapt to the positioning play of the Spanish national team, as during the regular season he executed a per game average of 11 good quality passes under pressure, a key aspect in the development of Luis de la Fuente's game. However, he does not shy away from being what he is, taking advantage of the imbalances in the defensive line nearly 16 times per game, with 6 of those being movements behind the defenders' backs or penetrating the box with a singular focus of scoring.

It is difficult to predict what the Spanish coach team lineups will be during the tournament, but it is clear that profiles like Ayoze Pérez or Fermín López will be necessary additions for a Spain team seeking its fourth European Championship. Both, with a big difference in age, bring fluidity, finishing, dynamism and different tactical advantages to other players. They disrupt the order, generate uncertainty and excite a country looking to win Euro 2024.


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