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Jude is Jude

Jude Bellingham’s technical ability with the ball is outstanding, since being a very dynamic and agile player, he performs well receiving passes between the lines near the box, contributing flow and speed to Real Madrid's game. He is a great receiver of balls behind the rival midfielders; Kognia’s advanced and automated analysis shows 7.5 receptions between the lines on average per game. Jude penetrates the box at on an average of 4 times per game, unbalancing the defensive line 10 times per game or executing an average of 5 movements per game that are very difficult to defend against. Without a doubt, a different and highly decisive player.


Not everything is based on his dynamic or technical ability since he is a player capable of intelligently occupying the box to receive passes and to finish. Therefore, it is not surprising that he finds himself around 14 times per game in interesting receiving situations inside the box to finish. Jude Bellingham is an attacking midfielder who likes to be close to the goal, is always eager to score, or to surprise and disrupts the opponent’s defense by perfectly timing his attacks.


Jude Bellingham is reaching a physical level that is allowing him to also provide a very complete response in the defensive section. Real Madrid performs very well in the opponent’s half due to the physical constitute of its midfielders. Jude Bellingham participates in every 5 possessions, after the ball is recovered by Real Madrid, which makes him a predator in pressure after loss.


Altogether Jude Bellingham is clearly developing to become an attacking midfielder with high intuition, preparation, and adaptation to modern football – or is he already?


What do you think?


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