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Kognia participates in El Clásico broadcast of the Polish TV ELEVEN SPORTS.

Kognia had the pleasure to be part of the preparation of El Clásico for the Polish television ELEVEN SPORTS. In this piece we've been fortunate enough to explain what we do at Kognia and how we do it to generate personalized data adjusted to the teams' game model with our AI based technology.

By leveraging Kognia's unique tactical data, ELEVEN SPORTS generated unique content and statistics around El Clásico. Examples of our tactical insights are comparisons of the tactical movements that Jude Bellingham and Robert Lewandowski make behind the defensive line or how many passes per game Toni Kroos and Frenkie De Jong are able to filter between the lines.

Kognia's AI algorithms have the ability to automatically generate data with game play situations directly related to tactics. In other words, Kognia not only generates the eventing that traditionally can be extracted from a football match, but it goes one step further. Kognia can identify the passing lanes that a player has under pressure or how many opponents a player is able to overcome with a vertical pass. Furthermore, beyond the quantitative numeric view of the game, Kognia has the ability to automatically classify the videos of each of these advanced tactical concepts and provide advanced data to be able to interpret and draw better conclusions.


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