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Innovative technology producing insights in sport from a single video input.

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"As a coach, Kognia provides me and my staff with critical information which helps me to take the best decisions from the bench."

Xavi Hernandez


“Automatically identifying our own tactics at the same time they are drawn in the video is key because it helps us objectively put our focus on gameplay situations that our crucial for our team performance.”

Unai Emery


"With a tool like Kognia the technical team can focus straight in the strategy. It is like buying time."

Paulo Sousa

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Kognia would like to acknowledge the advice of experts in computer vision and machine learning from the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Project funded, in part, by a grant from the Institute for Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Connecticut. STAR Heel at the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill enhances innovation through knowledge.
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Automatic Tactical Analysis

Your time should be saved for finding key insights and delivering these to staff. Reduce low quality time tasks and increase the number of high quality work tasks.


Tactics Automatically Detected


Fed-Back in Video Clip Formats


Combine Tactics


Create Your Own Fundamentals

Automatic Tactical Overlays

Visualization is a key part of feedback. By including overlays you can highlight particular moments or players in each clip.


Tactics Automatically Highlighted


Both Offensive and Defensive Tactics


Customise Tactics on View


Complete Presentations

Data API

Access Key Data, including; event, tactical and tracking:


Eventing Data


Tracking Data


Physical Data


Tactical Data


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