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Strategic alliance between Villarreal CF and Kognia

Villarreal CF continues to show itself as a pioneering club in the use of new technologies. They have closed a collaboration agreement with Kognia, a start-up that has developed a software based on artificial intelligence, unique in the market, which allows tactical analysis of the game automatically.

The tool is being used by the first and second men’s team, the first women’s team and the youth team (Juvenil A). This will allow the implementation of a tactical performance analysis system that facilitates the development of a working methodology aligned with the club’s football objectives at all levels.

Through Kognia, the club can monitor all the tactical game behaviours of its teams and players automatically. Only with a video input is enough for the company to provide the club’s analysts with all the tactical information of the game to be able to analyse their own and/or their opponents’ matches and share all the information in an agile and simple way from the cloud.

Through this innovative software, manual processing is avoided, gaining in objectivity and depth when analysing the game and a better time management for the analysts, as for the large number of matches that a team like Villarreal CF has to face throughout the season.

Villarreal CF Coordinator Performance Area, José Luis García, assures that the use of this tool is “a great step forward in the incorporation of new technological tools that help us to continue working on the entire sporting structure of the club based on a defined football project that has been giving us such good results in recent years”.

All this is possible thanks to Kognia’s revolutionary software that allows us to translate the images of the game into data for analysis through advanced computer vision techniques, machine learning and the proprietary algorithms of Kognia’s own software.

For Maurici A. López-Felip, CEO of the company, “we seek to facilitate the hard work of analysts and provide quick solutions for the tactical analysis of opponents and the team itself. The collaboration with Villarreal CF has been very positive as it allows us to adjust to the needs of a club that is at the forefront in the development of its own football methodologies, as well as in the application of the best technologies to achieve its objectives in the game”.


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